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Exciting Alliance Announcement Between Plantation FC and Miramar United Elite FC

September, 2021

Talks in the past couple of months about forming an alliance between these two (2) clubs have finally been confirmed.

We are pleased to announce that through Capelli Sport, Plantation FC and Miramar United Elite FC formed an unprecedented partnership to provide increased opportunities for boys and girls to play in the highest level of competitive youth soccer in the state of Florida. This unity, with all its affiliations, will strengthen our clubs by:

  • Providing long-term viability and competitiveness by widening the player pool and sharing available resources

  • Offering a cohesive soccer vision and philosophy for the community

  • Unlocking the potential to grow bringing South Florida to the forefront as the elite soccer player destination in the region Anis Jerbi, Director of Coaches, Plantation FC and Richard Jobson, Vice President and Executive Director, Miramar United Elite FC both agree, it’s about sharing resources in order to improve the level of soccer in the region.

This unity provides us with an opportunity to grow a competitive soccer program for the youth in our club and our community. It’s about developing players to their full potential and helping them continue their soccer careers if they so desire. It’s important that we offer the best opportunities for boys and girls and this alliance now offers a pathway. By uniting our resources, we can provide players a better overall soccer experience. Our goal is to provide players with the highest level of competitive play throughout the region.” Jobson said.

I’m excited to share the news about our alliance with Miramar United Elite FC. We share the same vision to serve the youth in our communities by offering better and expanded opportunities for boys and girls to play soccer at a level which meets their specific needs. Plantation FC is recognized as an elite club that competes at the highest levels. Miramar United Elite FC is a member of the Elite Club National League (ECNL) with many successful years competing at this level. This new, comprehensive pathway will give players the opportunity to play at the highest level in either competitive program.” Jerbi said.

There are still some challenges to address and so much to learn as we move forward, but we are prepared for what the next chapter will bring and are excited about this alliance.

--------------------------- For more information contact: Sadesh Ganesh - Plantation FC, or Richard Jobson - Miramar United Elite FC,

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