Recovery Process

Here are some tips and facts about the recovery process in soccer
players and athletes.  Recovery is the time period (seconds and
minutes) between runs and exercises.  Also included are the hours and
days between workouts and games.  Recovery is allowing (actively or
passively) your body to heal, rejuvenate and build.  Muscle building is
a constant process of breaking down and rebuilding, and taking time to
recover is very important.  Without the proper recover time, your work
will be wasted.  Another characteristic of recovery to be aware of is
lactic acid.  Lactic acid is an end product of a very high intensity
exercise.  It is what causes the heaviness that you feel in your thighs
after you run up a couple of flights of stairs or after that end line
to end line run.  The soreness that often comes 2 days after a hard
workout is called "delayed onset muscle soreness."  This is due to the
actual damage to the muscles that will be repaired over the next few
days.  One way to enhance your recovery is to consistently and properly
warm up and cool down.  Nutrition and good eating habits can also help
regenerate muscle faster.  An example of nutrition being important in
the recovery process is the "2 hour window."  The "2 hour window"
entails taking in carbohydrates within 2 hours after a hard practice or
match.  The 2-hour period refers to when it's most beneficial for you
body to absorb glycogen.  Carbohydrates are broken down and are stored
in your muscle as glycogen and the "2 hour window" is when your muscles
will take in the most glycogen.  Therefore, preparing to perform the
next day.