Supporting the Kids from the sidelines

by the FP Coaching Staff

Supporting the Kids from the sidelines

by the FP Coaching Staff


One of the main questions we are asked by parents is about adult behavior during games and around players.  In our first Parents Corner article we highlight some points in regard to ADULT BEHAVIOR   while at FP Soccer Club.


We are all here for the benefit of the children , however sometimes the during tense games our emotions can get the better of us and our behavior can be  less than satisfactory. It is important that we empathize with our children   and   realize how this makes them feel. Do words like  EMBARRASSED, FRIGHTENED, ANXIOUS, DE-MOTIVATED, come to mind when you lose control on the side of the field. If you were to ask your children Im sure they could offer a lot more words to describe how they feel.


We our making plans to have coach /parent  clinics  during the year in order to monitor and educate parents and guardians on this matter. Before this can happen we believe that it is important to set some guidelines to ensure that the children our protected from negative behavior and the good name of Florida Premier Soccer Club is kept intact.


Obviously everyone should be aware of the FYSA code of conduct for players, coaches and parents, and if you are not please click here for a copy from the FYSA website.  This is an important document that you all agreed to abide by when registering within the program.


Below are some addition points of emphasis that we as parents should be looking at and acting upon.


          Encourage your child to play by the rules.

          Encourage sportsmanship

          Focus on your childs performance rather than the outcome of the game, development is important at this stage.

          Never ridicule or shout at any child for making a mistake.

         Please let coaching staff  know if your child is going to be late or absent from training or a match.

         Emphasize enjoyment as the main purpose of sport.

         Never publicly question the honesty of the officials.

         Support all efforts to remove verbal , physical and emotional abuse from sporting activities.

         Applaud good play by both teams.

         Remember that children get involved in organized sport for their enjoyment not yours.

          Please do not offer technical or tactical advice which conflicts with Florida Premier coaching staff.