ODP Age Groups

ODP Age Groups (pure age) January 1-December 31

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1996     1996

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As players grow older and mature, selection becomes an integral part to the process throughout the system. In the younger age groups, the focus is more on development and larger numbers selected since the ability level and capacity of these players change more rapidly. For players of all ages the most important factor is continued development. Any player who plays soccer in the state of Florida is eligible to participate in the Olympic Development Program. In order to participate in FYSA ODP you must become a registered player. This can be accomplished through the FYSA office. A player’s status as a US citizen, non US citizen, or in the citizenship process may effect their selection as the ultimate goal of the program is to place players on a US National team where a player must be a US citizen. Citizenship is less of an issue at the state and region III level unless teams are making international trips. All boys and girls wishing to try out at the Florida ODP regional trials must pre-register by completing and submitting an application with the tryout fee to the Florida Youth Soccer Association. Players may try out once at a regional trials and may do so at any of the published trials for their age group. Registration forms can be found in the Touchline, on line at www.fysa.com or requested through the FYSA state office. THERE WILL BE NO WALK ON PARTICIPANTS AT THESE TRIALS. A returning FYSA ODP player who is identified as a Region III pool player is exempt from the regional trials. Those players will be invited directly into the state trial/supercenter level. A returning FYSA ODP player who is identified to a National pool may bypass the state/supercenter event. These players will be invited in to the state pool training events. In both cases if a player wishes to attend the regional or state trial event they may do so. Also in both cases a player must register for ODP so we may track the player and make sure they receive the appropriate information.