FYSA Region 'A' ODP

The United States Soccer Federation (US Soccer) is responsible for the development of US National teams that compete in international events throughout the world. US Soccer currently fields National teams at the Under 14, Under 16, Under 17, Under 18, Under 20, Under 23 (Olympic), and World Cup levels for men and Under 14, Under 16, Under 19, Olympic, and World Cup levels for women. 85% of the players for these National teams are identified and developed via the Olympic Development Program (ODP). Age group teams are also identified at the Region III level for additional training and participation in national and international events. It is recognized that developing a national caliber player is a long process, and that most players cannot advance from the club level to the National Team in just one step. Also with size of the United States does not allow the national coaches to scout and work with every promising player. Hence, the process of identifying and nurturing those players with potential starts at the under 13 level via the Olympic Development Program. There is also in place a scouting program to identify those players not a part of the Olympic Development Program and bring them into the program.