U14 Boys Win Weston Tournament

Congratulations team on a job well done!!!  Our first trophy and a great weekend of soccer!  The first game was a 2-0 win over West Pines Gold.  Then the second game was against Lee County Strikers; a team playing up, which we won 6-0.  The third game was against Weston's Nike team, which ended in a 0-0 tie.  Our final game was against Weston's Swoosh team, which we won 1-0.  That gave us a total of 10 points and a clear victory.  Congratulations to the defense, especially our goalie Jared Staab who kept a clean sheet throughout the whole tournament and EJ Soto who quietly went about his business in right D, filling in for missing players and really getting some quality playing time, well done EJ!  I have to give a shout out to a couple of other players; Danny Blackington for scoring one of the goals of the tournament and his first ever for the club, one that David Beckham would be proud of, but also in today's game for clearing the ball off the line after the other team had a shot from a corner.  Also Memo Huaman who was just coming off an injury, took another tumble that looked like it aggravated the same injury he had before, he managed to play a bit in the final game today but he is not yet back to full force. Eduardo Quinteros who was not only our top scorer but also for keeping his head when the referee  mistakenly thought he had given him two yellows and was off the field yet again. Charles Junco who's body up front always seems to do the trick.  In this tournament he was asked to play midfield, stopper, and sweeper which he did amazingly well, then in the final game needing a goal he was pushed forward.  The place I personally like him to see him the most.  He has an amazing way of holding off the defenders long enough to get the shot in which today resulted in the championship goal. Finally Simms who was our guest player, a great job, what a talent? He did  this move in the game today  which I have only seen by world class players, he fell over just out side our 18 yard box, recovered and made a behind the heel pass it was brilliant.


Well done the whole team and the Coach.