U12 Girls win At West Pines Tournament

After several rescheduling of the West Pines Tournament, the day arrived with our U12 Plantation Eagles Girls team taking home 1st place Win.


What a way to get back into the session! The team faced 4 outstanding teams during the tournament, however our team was determined to take home the GOLD.


Our 1st game against the West Boynton Nights 1 was filled with great Teamwork from the Eagles team, which resulted in our 1st win of the tournament at 4 to 0 final score.


The Second game late in the evening was against Weston Fury  93/94 T90 team, the team continued its momentum and built from their strength by passing the ball to each other and set up the 4 scored goals of the game with the final score of 4 to 1.


On day 2, our 3rd win of the tournament was against Miami Premier, with a win of 2 to 1.


At our final game against Weston Fury 93/94 Swoosh was set up to be our hardest match of the series.  This was a head to head game for both teams.  At the end of the first half the score was tied at 1 -1.  The 2nd half was just a difficult and both team became very competitive by each scoring and tied the game at 2 2. The Eagle team quickly took control of the ball and managed to score the winning goal to win the Championship game. Final score was 3 to 2.