Game Report - U14 Boys vs Palm Beach Kicks

Game: Plantation U14 V Palm Beach Kicks
Date:   Saturday October 16th at 11.00 am
Score:  7-2 
What a way to get back in the swing of things!  John Mahoney started the ball rolling with a high looping shot on goal from about 40 yards out, the ball slid in between the cross bar and the outstretched fingers of the goalie. John seemed to be quite happy about that one so did his team mates who were jumping up and down.
The Kicks returned the favor 5 minutes later with a goal that seemed to be offside, but the linesman on that side kept his flag down most of the game and this was no exception.
Five minutes later, AJ Cardounel flipped the ball over the defender's head and passed the ball to Charles Junco who had a hard shot on goal.  The defender turned his back on the shot, the ball ricocheted off the defender and into the goal with the goalie going the other way; 2-1.  Lady luck was on our side for a change.
Just before the end of the half it was dejaveu all over again when the linesman (blind in his right eye and with only one working arm) failed to make the call again, with the Kicks scoring. The half ended with the score 2-2
From the other side of the field I could tell that Coach Roberto Mercado was not happy and the players obviously got what turned out to be a lot of good instruction.
With wholesale changes made to the line up just before the half ended, that same line up took to the field.  AJ who had a  good few minutes in the first half, scored the next goal.  Derick D'Amico did his signature move of heading the ball to himself to get the next one; AJ followed it up with drawing a penalty, which he took himself twice, but they only counted the second one.  Eduardo Quinteros scored a blinder in the top left corner and Pierre St Amour scored a lovely goal to finish it up that culminated from a succession of passes down the left flank.  7-2 lots to be happy about.
Ariel Flint played a great game, especially in the right back and it was nice to see Charles in a more up front role on the left side. The defense kept a clean sheet the second half with Brenan West and Sebastian Machuca handling the big #10 who was moved forward from the sweeper position.  That keeps us in the hunt for the top spot in the league. Well done all!
Andre West reporting.