9/24 GAME REPORT - U14 Boys vs. Miami Lakes

Game  Report:
Date:    Saturday,  September 24th
Team:             Vs  Miami  Lakes
Game  time:     4:00  PM
It was quite a tight game early on,  each team testing out the  other.  After about 10 minutes Plantation got into their stride and  played some of their best soccer all season.  They had a good  spell of keeping the ball in the opponents half of the field with both  Charles and Sebastian  controlling the ball each time it got  pushed back.  Even though we were playing good, Miami Lakes kept us on  our toes; especially with their runs down the wings. Both teams managed to hit the bar by half time making it an exciting game.

The second half started very balanced with very few shots by either team.  In the middle of the first half Miami managed to beat our offside trap and played the ball to the left corner, one of their strikers pounced on this and instead of shooting, crossed the ball back to an oncoming player.  Chris made a good effort to reposition himself but had already committed to the player on the corner and Miami

After this the game got more physical and Plantation had a hard time getting enough players forward for counter attacks as Miami seemed to now pile on the pressure looking for their second goal.  The defense held  strong showing some real toughness in the back.

The game ended with the score 0-1 only because both goalies played an
outstanding game at either end.

Andre West