10/9 GAME REPORT - U14 Boys at West Pines Tournament

 We started out like gangbusters were we left off with Derick D'Amico getting a goal in the first 30 seconds of  first game against Wellington. We played a tough game on a tough field were the ball had a tendency to float rather than bounce. The strong Wellington team seemed to face the same difficulties as we did spreading the ball around especially in the southern end  but eventually  they evened it up and then there was an exchange of penalties and that's how the game finished 2-2. If you saw A J's and Eduardo's  shirts you would have though they were in a rugby game not a soccer game.
The Second  game  came around in the afternoon with more promise, a decidedly weaker team, Coconut Creek, but it was a game where we never clicked, the team looked tired from their morning battle and were never really in it when Creek scored, we never recovered and  we got beat badly 1-0.
The third Game against  Kendal was set up to be our hardest  test yet, as they had beaten Creek 6-0 yesterday. They had an early penalty that was a hard call to understand;  Jared  Staab  jumped for a ball that was high in the air a Kendal player came rushing in and Jared caught him with his boot as he brought his knee up to defend himself. The player rolled around on the floor as Jared caught the ball and got a yellow, We had experienced this Ref already this season and knew strange calls were part of his MO, this was no exception?.
Well done parents for the constraint on your part!!
 The penalty shoot  took a wired hop on a pervious Owl nesting place and ended up in the net, just as Jared as he was about to get it. Kendal took control and ended up winning 4-1  with a consolation goal by  Derick.
Our fourth and final game  against another Kendal team Kendal Blue and should have been an even match, but they went two up, Eduardo Quinteros got one back when he finally walked around the goalie after getting a breakaway, I have been hoping to see him do this all season, He made it look easy which it wasn't. The score was not close for long, every time we got  a goal  within 30 seconds the Blues made us feel more blue by scoring on the return.  The game ended 5-3  with Eduardo getting a Hatrick...... A long weekend of soccer some tired legs and not much on the score sheet to be proud of.
We have come a long way and we have distinct advantage is that we are now competing with the teams that used to kills us, but competing is only halfway. Encourage your kids to listen to the coach and come to every practice, work hard, only with hard work will these games come easy!